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Chael Sonnen claims he had hormone replacement therapy prior to UFC 117

Chael Sonnen claims he had hormone replacement therapy prior to UFC 117

Everyone hold hands and rejoice, Chael Sonnen is back in the news. The real Chael Sonnen, not his Hispanic impersonator who occasionally pops up whenever slanderous remarks about Lance Armstrong are said on a radio show. Although Chael Sonnen has been relatively quiet since the California State Athletic Commission accused Sonnen of taking steroids prior to his UFC 117 bout against Anderson Silva. Sonnen vehemently denies the CSAC’s allegations and intends to rebut these claims at a hearing on December 2nd. According to Keith Kizer of the NSAC, Chael Sonnen’s defense revolves around his claim that he was under testosterone replacement therapy up until (and possibly after) August 17th 2010. The only problem is that Chael Sonnen was never approved for hormone replacement therapy, despite Chael claiming he was approved for HRT in three of his previous bouts leading up to UFC 117.

Leave all the gender reassignment jokes stored in that inner-recess of your horribly twisted mind. Testosterone replacement therapy is actually not that uncommon for athletes over thirty and for those competing on a super-humanly high level. Some of you may remember that we gave you the heads up about this in one of our Sunday Morning Rumor Mills when a member of Team Quest actually told us of Chael Sonnen’s anticpiated CSAC defense. Of course, if you believe Sonnen, the guy claims that he told the Athletic Commission he was on performance enhancing drugs before UFC 117.

We’re just two weeks from Chael Sonnen’s official CSAC hearing and we only wish that someone would record the entire process and place it on UStream. If Chael Sonnen’s rebuttal fails, the next time we will see him in the octagon is roughly around August of 2011. [Source]

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