Caol Uno has his own Casio G-Shock limited-edition watch, and it comes out this week

Raise your hand if anyone has ever complimented your watch and you could respond with something ballerish like “Yeah, I designed it”. Not only would that earn you any woman’s hand in marriage if you lived in one of those countries where all you had to do was impress a girl’s father and he goes forward with making the arrangments, but it might even earn you ‘panty dropper of the week’ props from Beth and Donna at Gals Guide to MMA if you live in the Western world. Regardless, unless you’re Bob Sapp or Caol Uno, you probably can’t take credit for cooking your own eggs over-easy, let alone designing your own hip-tastic watch.

In Japan, they immortalize demi-gods in the MMA world by collaborating designs for scientifically advanced wristwatches the rest of us can buy to match our sneakers. Next week, Caol Uno’s clothing line “ONEHUNDRED ATHLETIC” drops it’s G-Shock collaboration, and for a mere $193.00, it can live on your wrist and remind the world what a complete MMA nerd you are. [Source]

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