Video: Burly, Country Boy Sage Northcutt Flips a Massive Bale of Hay

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but then again I can’t believe what I’m seeing either. Farm Hand Sage Northcutt might be my favorite Sage Northcutt, and that’s against very stiff competition in Trick Golf Shot Sage Northcutt and 13 Year Old Red Carpet Sage Northcutt. All I’m saying is, that it’s pretty clear there needs to be a remake of that movie “Son in Law” except Sage Northcutt plays Pauly Shore’s part of Crawl.

Here we find our burly boy Sage Northcutt flipping a giant bale of hay. The only thing bigger than this bale of hay is Northcutt’s bulging biceps and sunny disposition about all existence. I don’t know if many of ya’ll been slangin’ slop on the ol’ farmstead, but these things can be heavier than a burlap sack full of cow pies.
While we can never truly know the weight of this hay, there is a handy-dandy guide to give you an idea of what poundage UFC’s Gohan is tossing around. A modest estimate is 825lbs but it could be up 1200lbs. That’s frickin’ nuts.

Watch Sage Northcutt flip that hay, baby.

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