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Bucky Boyd is BACK, and he’s fighting Tree for the THIRD TIME

Bucky Boyd is BACK, and he’s fighting Tree for the THIRD TIME

Every time Bucky Boyd is mentioned when I’m in @FatPogatry‘s vicinity, the dude convulses in laughter like an epileptic infant. It’s also important to note that there’s nothing funny about infants with epilepsy, unless they’re spazzing out about Bucky Boyd, then it’s friggin’ hilarious.

Last year we told you that your favorite 41-0 street fighter from West Virginia was taking on a guy affectionately known as ‘Belly.’ Well it appears the fight fell through or diabetes finally caught up with him, however the geniuses at Rough n’ Rowdy Brawl have decided to end the unnecessary trilogy by pitting Bucky Boyd back in the ring against his nemesis ‘Tree.’

It’s like something out of a PPV Jerry Springer episode, but if all of this is still alien to you, check out our recap of last year’s beef and the second showdown between the two combatants.

Here’s Bucky Boyd’s new promo of his third fight with Tree, which features Bucky rocking some neo-punk mo-hawk along with his traditional chainsaw.

We also have to check out Tree’s response, in which he dedicates his fight to the little people and dwarves that Bucky Boyd just made fun of. Seriously, the dude is that altruistic. Props to @FrontRowBrian and @TedMalakhov for the find.

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