Brock Lesnar is selling an item that will hide dead bodies from dogs

Brock Lesnar is a pitchman for an item that kills human scent at the molecular level and there is nothing you can do about it. I don’t know why I added “and there is nothing you can do about it“, but when we are dealing with an innocuous looking spray bottle that just happens to be filled with molecule destroying chemicals placed atop Brock Lesnar’s bulging bicep, then we are talking about something serious. Brock Lesnar covers himself and his friends in science that destroys at the molecular level, and then chops the heads off of animals and puts them in his backpack for safekeeping. That sentence is 100% accurate, and Brock’s science spray will cover up 99% of the human scent, and really, it’s quite simple. This is a direct quote from the company’s website:

It is really quite simple: Scent Kille® kills human scent on contact, at the molecular level. It keeps human odor from forming a gas. When the human odor doesn’t form a gas – there is no smell. Scent Killer® is totally odorless when you first put it on and keeps you odorless even after it dries.”

That seems really simple, it also seems like a product Dexter should be using. Props to BUDDYREVELL for the find.

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