Brandon Moreno Claims That “Everybody Wanted That Fight.. Except Deiveson Figueiredo”

'The Assassin Baby' claimed that Figgy did not want to book a fourth fight with him despite interest from the UFC

Brandon Moreno, Deiveson Figueiredo, Kai Kara-France
Credit: MMA Fighting, Deiveson Figueiredo, Kai Kara-France (via YouTube & Instagram)

Brandon Moreno claimed that Deiveson Figueiredo did not want to fight him a fourth time.

Former UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno had been rallying for a fourth fight with Deiveson Figueiredo following his loss at UFC 270.  As much as the UFC strays away from putting together the same two guys more than twice, and rarely, if ever, more than thrice, interest seemed intact from the promotion regarding the two flyweights.

Brandon Moreno believes Figueiredo did not want the fight

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Brandon Moreno alleged that Figgy did not want to fight him again despite interest from the UFC.

Moreno expressed his confusion at being matched up with Kai Kara-France for an interim title fight. Initially, he was expecting another go at the reigning 135-lbs king.

“That was the plan man, that was the original plan. Everybody wanted that fight, like UFC, the company, I wanted that fight obviously but everybody except Figueiredo right”

“He wanted like I don’t know what he wanted to be honest, but he said no. I felt a little bit frustrated because I mean I’m lying to you if I’m saying I’m not here for money because I love money too. I love to buy stupid things”

“Imagine the legacy, right, the fourth fight against somebody, the first one in mixed martial arts history. That sounds amazing, obviously, I’m crossing the fingers to watch him again in the future but I don’t care man. I’m still focusing in Kai Kara-France right now.”

Moreno speculated whether Figgy wanted more money. He just held back from saying he was scared when asked about what the reason could be for turning down the fight.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking right now, I don’t know it’s like really for the money or he’s a kind of a scared. I don’t want to say he’s scared, too much trash talk. I’m sick of trash talk with this guy, I’m done with that but I don’t know man, he just doesn’t want to fight and that’s it.”

Moreno’s message for Figgy

‘Deus da Guerra’ had indicated a move up to 135-lbs in his return fight next, which would bum out Moreno. The 34-year-old Brazilian was not happy with the promotion’s decision to introduce an interim title as he recovers from an injury.

Moreno shared a message for Figgy calling for him to fight for legacy over money.

“Yes man, I’ll be disappointed because again just imagine the legacy man, the history, I mean wow!”

“If Figueiredo is watching this or maybe can watch this in the future, man, just stop to say stupid things, just wait for me, and see you in the future, man. More than money, more than whatever, legacy brother. We can make it together. He’s my partner, he don’t understand he’s my partner.”

Brandon Moreno could be looking at the fourth fight with Figueiredo if he gets past the rising Kara-France. However, Figgy needs to stay in the division for that to happen and it’s unclear whether he will make the move up or not.

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