Boxers on FX’s ‘Lights Out’ take meth ‘like the MMA guys’

Wow, well Lights Out just blew the collective minds of every MMA fan watching the boxing drama on FX. I don’t watch the show so I’m not going to pretend to know whats going on, but it looks like one of the main characters has resorted to hooking up one of his fighters with meth, so he can cut eight pounds in 2 weeks because “That’s how the MMA guys do it”. Please stop laughing, we have video proof of this serious and drastic measure below.

My favorite part is how he whips his head incredulously as he delivers the “eight pounds in two weeks!” line. I can think of multiple MMA fighters that might have bowel movements that weigh in over 128 ounces in a single serving, and this guy needs to tweek for 2 weeks to cut eight pounds? Has he plateaued in his training? Does he train at all? Is there a sauna nearby? Is his dietitian Roy Nelson? I feel like I have to watch this show now. I haven’t been this intrigued with a tale so full of mystery since Lost. Special props to MiddleEasy reader Jonesy for the heads up.

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