Bones Jones has power beyond measure

Power beyond measure is a hard thing to quantify, by definition you can’t. So I guess the message Jon Bones Jones is sending in this UFC 128 hype video is this: ‘My power is beyond measure since it is so great, thus you will never know how powerful I truly am since you cannot measure my power. Everybody else has power that you can measure, but not me. So just take my word for it’. A team of scientists needs to get on this immediately. I can picture Bones Jones with those sticky heart rate monitor things on him with a bunch of bald men standing around in a white room scratching their scalps, ‘we can’t measure his power!’ they would say, and then feverishly scribble on their clipboards. Try to measure the power of Bones Jones yourself by check out the unstoppable Frate Trane that is the hype machine for UFC 128 right nao!

Did you know there is a non-clinical term generally used to describe an individual who consistently believes he or she can accomplish more than is humanly possible? It’s called a God-Complex. Japan needs Bones Jones’ help, he can fix those nuclear reactors with his bare hands.


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