Bob Sapp just made a highly confusing promo in Japan

Bob Sapp is like a marketing God in Japan. The guy pushes gummy candy, Japanese pizza joints, fabric softener and loves to rip the tentacles off of weird plush Japanese squid creatures on live TV with his shirt off. Bob Sapp has cornered the market for guys that like to wear feather-lined robes — he could serve as an ambassador from the world of feather-lined robes. We all remember how Bob Sapp pulled out of his Dynamite!! 2010 bout due to alleged claims that FEG was only going to pay half of his previously agreed upon fight purse. Now, Sapp appears that he will ‘fight for food’ in this Japanese pro-wrestling promo that actually pokes fun at Sapp’s Dynamite!! 2010 debacle. Props to Dan Herbertson for the find.

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