Blast to the Past: Remember when a 20-year-old Wanderlei Silva fought bareknuckle in Brazil? We do

Look at that mug, tangible evidence of your visceral fear that one day you will be on the opposite end of a cage with a Brazilian that is known world-wide as ‘The Axe Murderer.’ The damage he inflicts on human beings is so thorough and violent, that the only description one could attain is to compare the damage to that of a killer wielding a heavy, sharp blade. He will extract blood from your torso, regardless if you’ve given him permission and fortunately for all of us normal humans out there, we won’t have to worry about him knocking on our door and demanding our soul. We don’t fight, therefore we don’t even register in Wanderlei’s plane of existence.

Turn your mental time machine back to September 5th 1997, when a 20-year-old Wanderlei Silva fought in ‘IVC 2 – A Question of Pride’ — without any gloves. It’s another MiddleEasy Blast to the Past feature, and we hope you enjoy.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Artur Mariano by UltimateFightClub

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