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Supercalo reveals: BJ Penn’s diet secret 190 to 145 pounds in 9 short months

Supercalo reveals: BJ Penn’s diet secret 190 to 145 pounds in 9 short months

Our favorite journalist that went from favela dishwasher to connected mMa journalist is back with his latest awe-inspiring and revealing piece of news.


Less than a year ago BJ Penn was walking around at a more than slightly chubby rotound 190 pounds, but now he is fighting at 145 pounds, how did he do it.

Not the Dolce nutella diet, but a old Hawain tradtional method, the 100% Pineapple Diet.
The fact that I soon be release ebook (for special price of $1.99 + postage & packaging) is irrelevent as thats just cocindence.

BJ used this age old secret method – for legal reasons cannot at this stage disclose what the diet consists of, although fruit maybe involve 100%.

The pounds fell off BJ by the literal pound follow this, at time of writing he expect to beat Frankie Edgar & if so is due large part to being at correct weight, if he was’nt fight at 145 would be at different weight.

I spoke to a guy who used to live in Hawaii who is hardly every drunk so almost reliable he confirm this story as possible fact.

Frankie Edgar on other hand is probably like eating pasta & pizza, bad diet choice for professional athlete, this why BJ win for sure

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