BJ Penn’s road to UFC 137 part 2

I have a familiar sinking feeling in my stomach that grows with each day we get closer to UFC 137’s main event, it’s the same sense of dread and excitement that I felt going into Hendo/Fedor: I want both BJ Penn and Nick Diaz to somehow not lose and both win while putting on the fight I know they are capable of. So a draw maybe? Double knockout? A Gray Maynard/Rob Emerson style ending? I haven’t been this torn since I found out the next playable class in World of Warcraft was a Kung Fu Panda. has delivered chapter 2 of The Prodigy’s road to UFC 137 and it’s yet another fascinating 14 minutes behind one of the greatest fighters the planet has ever seen. Hopefully you can view this on your Ipad.

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