BJ Penn discusses being at 170

How different would fighting games be if they had weight classes? Ken vs Ryu already happens enough and I’m pretty sure Akuma is out of that weight class, so whats the point of the rivalry? It would be like Mayhem Miller and Diaz. E Honda and Zangief would happen over and over again and then if there are weight classes is there a women’s division? 2D fighters and MMA analogy’s don’t mix. The rosters are too small and it would limit the possibilities of fun and gameplay. Not even a roster like Marvel vs Capcom 3 could justify weight classes, and then someone would have to categorize every superhero to weight and I know somehow it will be me assigned to that task. I’m getting light headed just thinking about it, just how much does Spiderman weigh? The answer to that question comes after BJ Penn talks about feeling really good at 170 pounds.

“When it comes to 155 pounds, I don’t even like cutting the weight to make that weight. It’s not a tough cut for me — I probably cut three of four pounds on the day of the weigh in. But you have to cut down food and you have to cut your water down. And I don’t know if that’s a healthy thing. I mean if someone said let’s meet tomorrow at 12 o’clock to fight somewhere, your family honor is on the line, I wouldn’t stop drinking water and stop eating. I don’t see how that can help you and make you the stronger person…. I come from a whole different mindset. I believe you get as healthy as you can and fight the best guy possible. I feel that I’m a healthy person right now and in a great mindset, and I know that when we get to Australia we’re going to fight less than 24 hours after the weigh in, so I’d rather be in the position that I’m in. Twenty hours later me and Jon Fitch are going to be standing in the ring looking at each other and I’m going to be happy knowing that I was drinking as much water and eating as much as I could the whole time I was getting ready to fight someone of Fitch’s caliber. I don’t think Dana [White] would ever let [me fight at 155 again].’

Spiderman weighs 165 pounds. Peter Parker is pretty lean, could he make the cut to 155? Or should he just put on a few pounds and move up to welterweight? Or should he watch out because Bruce Wayne cuts to 170 from 190? Can spiders gain weight? This article has ruined my afternoon. I have to go buy Marvel vs Capcom 3 right now.


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