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Big Country planted an explosive device on Dave Herman’s chin

Big Country planted an explosive device on Dave Herman’s chin

Props to Roy Nelson for being the only heavyweight that lists his primary mixed martial arts style as ‘Kung-Fu’. The Last Dragon taught our generation that we should all screw diplomacy and resort to Kung-Fu. Not only can it teach you to catch bullets in your teeth but if you train really hard, you even get The Glow.  If stomach mass was an accurate representation of MMA skill, the dude that runs the comic book shop next to my place would have been the linear super heavyweight champion for a decade now. However, tonight at UFC 146, there is some truth to that statement.

Roy Nelson put it on Pee Wee Herman. Specifically, he put an overhand right on Dave Herman’s chin, which resulted in a 51-second knock out in the first round. There’s entirely too much awesome packed into this card that it’s literally spilling into the aisle of the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Big Country is your new model of health. Damn. Here I am working out five times a week like some schmuck when I could have just let me belly evolve into some extra-terrestrial life form and be considered an athlete. Set aside the fact that Roy Nelson looks like his DNA has been spliced with the Gummi Bear lineage, he’s better at punching people in the face than you. Now check out the extraordinary finish below, once again big thanks to ZP for the .gif.

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