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Ben Rothwell embraces his evil gimmick, we embrace him

Ben Rothwell embraces his evil gimmick, we embrace him

Ben Rothwell’s gimmick for years was that of being a young, big heavyweight from the midwest that was young and big. He was part of the Miletich camp, and he was hyped as one of those guys that was about to turn the corner for years. For almost half of his career, in fact. Astute MMA fans remember his IFL run fondly, and in retrospect, it’s pretty incredible that only 7% of his fights have come in the last five years. 

Yes, he popped for elevated testosterone after defeating Brandon Vera almost two years ago, and he knocked out Overeem last year, so Rothwell believes he has the resume needed for a title shot. He just lacks the personality. 

Yep, before Rothwell was a big, vanilla goof. But now, his evil conquerer performance against Matt Mitrione has led us to the Dark Lord Rothwell, and yes, that is deserving enough of a title shot.

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