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Ben Askren scoffs at Rory MacDonald’s fashion sense

Ben Askren scoffs at Rory MacDonald’s fashion sense

When the hybrid sport of disc golf and MMA is created, Ben Askren will be alone atop the rankings. No one will be able to defeat him. Not only can he throw a disc accurately and with great distance, but you cannot stop his takedown, and everyone knows you can throw a disc off your back, but you can’t do it well. There is very little chance of anyone ever defeating Ben Askren at Frolf-MMA, so much so that he will have few challengers. A puncher’s chance and some Hail Mary hole-in-ones are the only things anyone could ever hope for. But come on, that’s not going to happen.

Ben Askren also scoffs at fellow welterweight Rory MacDonald’s fashion sense. Check out what he had to say to Crooklyn:

Stephie Daniels: You’re very entertaining on Twitter, especially on fight nights, and tend to engage with lots of people. Is there anybody out there that’s managed to get under your skin and annoy you to some degree?

Ben Askren: You know, I don’t really follow that many people on Twitter. Only a handful, like 40 or so. [Laughs] It’s the funniest thing. All these people don’t like me, yet they follow me on Twitter, just to say some shit to me whenever I say something. I’m like, ‘Well, why are you following me in the first place?’ Idiots. Actually, I’d have to say Rory MacDonald. I mean, I’ve helped B.J., so I have a biased opinion, and I want B.J. to win, but just the way he tries to dress up so fancy, I think that might annoy me [laughs]. I just don’t know what to think about that.

Stephie Daniels: What part of his dress code is most annoying to you?

Ben Askren: Well, I don’t really wear much else other than sweat pants and a T shirt or jeans and a T shirt. It’s the whole thing with him. He puts so much effort in the look that he wants everyone to see. I just think that’s kind of goofy. I’m not too much into new fashion stuff, but I wouldn’t be caught dead … you couldn’t pay me enough to wear an outfit like he wears.

Stephie Daniels: Since we’re talking about Rory, do you feel it’s a big advantage for him to be able to train with GSP, especially since Georges has beaten B.J. twice?

Ben Askren: The first Penn/GSP fight was very controversial. A lot of people think B.J. won that fight. The second one was a little more decisive, but then you had Greasegate also going on there. I think Rory’s size is going to be his biggest advantage, because he’s definitely a lot bigger guy than B.J.

UFC on FOX’s subtitle: The expensive blazer Vs. the T-shirt that reads ‘Just Scrap.’

Read the rest of the interview here.


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