Behold, the worst grudge match in in recent history

Sleeveless shirt? Check.

Deep blue swimming trunks? Bingo.

Massive rivalry? You had better believe it.

Because it’s “Bad Blood” night at MJH Promotions, and every pint in this sneering boxing match is exceedingly foul. “These two absolutely despise each other,” the commentator agrees.

You want to see a technical combat chess matches between two well-trained athletes? Go watch some watered-down MMA. But if you want to see raw community swimming pool violence, the kind that went down in the primordial ooze, back before civilized men learned how to throw proper straight punches? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Yes, this is Bad Blood night. And at Bad Blood night, everything is really, really, bad.

Thanks to Ben Cartlidge for the tip!

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