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Before you watch Strikeforce Houston tonight, you MUST watch this slick fight journal

If you woke up on your friend’s sofa this morning wondering what happened to the $60 you had your pocket, don’t worry we’ve all been there. Here’s a heads up: You did not lose your money. You most likely spent it at a bar trying to impress the opposite sex. It didn’t work, hence you waking up on your friend’s sofa with a inhuman hangover. That type of of pain only belongs in comic books…or entirely localized in your head. Tonight, you can rest on your sofa with the steady reassurance that Strikeforce Houston airs on Showtime at 10pm ET/PT and there’s nothing more important that you can do tonight other than watching this card. In fact, King Mo’s walk-out is the closest thing you will get to seeing a group of scantily clad women dance simultaneously tonight. Before it all goes down, check out this slick fight journal created by the only guy we know named Casey at that actually appreciates vintage hip-hop (and that’s not even his real first name). [Source]

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