Before he grapples Dean Lister at Metamoris, watch Josh Barnett’s outtakes on Spellslingers

If we got Eddie Bravo and Josh Barnett in a room, maybe we could get them to come up with some sort of catch wrestling hybrid maneuver named the mana tap. Or at the very least Time Walk, considering how ridiculously overpowered it is to have an extra turn immediately after your current turn. You could say time walk is the rubber guard, but I don’t know if Josh Barnett is that flexible. Demonic Tutor also makes sense, as Josh Barnett is the living embodiment of that card, always adding black mana to his pool… But then, nothing would be better than the Black Lotus.

Maybe Josh Barnett will finish Dean with a Black Lotus (flying kneebar) tonight? Who knows? For now, let’s kill the minutes to Metamoris 4 with this Spellslingers blooper reel.

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