Bautista calls out all the people buying Reebok for screwing over fighters, luckily no one is buying Reebok

Dave Bautista is a man with principles. He left the WWE after they fined him $100K for some light blading in a cage match (screw the PG era). He’s always stuck to his guns regarding what he wants to do with his life. He fought in an MMA match sloppily… Bautista is gonna Bautista. You can’t stop him from speaking his mind. What’s on his mind is a no love for Reebok and their shit pay to fighters.

That’s right – you are directly screwing over the fighters if you buy the ugly Reebok gear. Luckily, no one is ever seen in the Reebok gear. Rory MacDonald has more personality than the Reebok fight kits.

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