Bas Rutten and Joe Rogan just talked MMA for two hours, and you really need to see it

A couple years ago I met Bas Rutten at a Hooters which was the same day I realized that a buffalo wing is a garbage concept. There is no way a buffalo can fly with those things. The best thing a buffalo wing can do is be dipped in ranch. Bas Rutten doesn’t have time to think about the inability of a Buffalo to fly. He’s too busy appearing on Ustream, talking to Joe Rogan about MMA for two hours. How many of you knew that Bas Rutten nearly fought Wanderlei Silva at Pride in a K-1 match with 4oz gloves? This broadcast is filled with so much awesome that you may not watch the entirety of this recorded stream now, but at some point in your life you will — and you’ll thank me for it. [Source]

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