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Aw shit, Frankie Edgar’s coach makes a good point saying that Conor’s scared

Aw shit, Frankie Edgar’s coach makes a good point saying that Conor’s scared

Frankie Edgar’s coach says that Conor McGregor is running and scared of Frankie. We wouldn’t go that far, but chances are, Frankie’s coach, Mark Henry (not sexual chocolate) is confusing being scared with being smart. On the MMA Hour, Henry said this:

“I saw Conor’s coach’s [John Kavanaugh’s] remark on your show [The MMA Hour]..Bro, why is his boy running so bad? Now, he has [had] two chances to fight Frankie. First was when Aldo got hurt [before UFC 189] and the UFC asked Chad [Mendes] ‘Have you been training?’ and he said no, he’s been doing a hunting show.

They asked Frankie, and he said, ‘I train all year, yeah, I’m ready.’ He picks Mendes.”

Boom. Headshot. Headshot of… smartness or scaredness. Dunno which. But either way, Conor is making real choices and he’s making them while weighing options. There’s no doubt that he MUST face Frankie, and it really should be soon, but the undisputed featherweight champ deserves a little time off. Still, hopefully we get Frankie versus Conor in April. This will probably happen if Dos Anjos beats Cerrone, because Conor wants a money fight and Dos Anjos isn’t a draw whatsoever.

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