Anthony Pettis becomes the first man to finish Gilbert Melendez

Welp, Anthony Pettis is simply awesome. He comes in after 15 months off from his last fight, but ring rust be damned, he beat a legend of the lightweight division in his prime. While Gilbert refused to respect Pettis’ skills, closed the distance and made it a grinder of a fight. Hell, he won the first round, but Pettis caught Gil and then latched on that guillotine, and that’s two black belts in a row he’s subbed. Man.

It’s unbelievable to think that Pettis is probably only now entering his true prime over the next few years. He’s accomplished so much in so few fights. The ratio of awesome is too difficult to equate. I’m no theoretical mathematician. 

Here’s the replay from IForgotWhoIAm on Reddit:

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