Anthony Johnson claims Ken Pavia stole his sponsorship money

Despite a 140 character limit, Twitter seems to be the medium of the moment for airing your dirty laundry, especially if you are getting paid to gain followers and tweet creatively. The most recent dirty laundry to hit Twitter has seen Anthony Johnson claim that his (now ex) manager Ken Pavia has stolen his sponsorship money.  Johnson has recently changed management, moving from Pavia’s MMAagents to Authentic Sport’s Management, and while announcing he was very happy with his new management, took the opportunity to give Ken a special message:

“Its crazy when a so called manager takes your sponsor money. Especially when you wanna write them a check and give them there cut but instead they decide to keep it all then lie about it saying that they haven’t received any money since march. I got proof they got the check and cashed it. Boy no wonder your in deep water with @ufc because you stole do#[email protected]%*#ents etc from them.

Shout out 2 my new agent @glennauthentic you are doing big things bro. Love you man This is a stand up man right here. He isn’t the guy doing shady stuff.”

They went back and forth for a while, from which it can be ascertained that while Johnson states money has not been transferred to his account, Pavia claims that all money due to Johnson has been paid. Tom Ngo over at put together the unedited conversation over here so you can read it all and make up your own mind.


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