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Andrei Arlovski fought Andreas Kraniotakes yesterday and you didn’t even know

Andrei Arlovski fought Andreas Kraniotakes yesterday and you didn’t even know

EA MMA, oh how we hardly knew ye. I can’t count how many countless hours I played this online, from Sunday Night Fights, to playing games with Middleeasy’s own Jason Nawara. Him and I must have fought each other with him using Bruce Lee and me using Masato, at least a hundred times. The roster for EA MMA wasn’t the best, in fact, the only guys on the roster I played with continuously was Fedor and Bob Sapp, but it was still fun.

EA MMA had some curious choices to the roster, one being Kron Gracie, seeing as he’s never had a MMA fight, but it made sense, he’s got the Gracie name and he’s an excellent grappler. One person who is particularly unknown and is was an odd pick to be in the game was Andreas Kraniotakes. The german product is the only member of the roster who doesn’t have a wiki page which is the be all end of MMA fighters. He never fought in Strikeforce nor DREAM who had a working relationship with Strikeforce, why was he included in the roster? I have no idea, but I like to think it’s to pander to the German audience.

Anyways, he fought fellow EA MMA cast member, Andrei Arlovski last night in Andrei’s home country of Belarus yesterday. The fight played out much like a fight in EA MMA, outside of the nutshots.<a href="" target="_blank">D40aek5UBYI</a>

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