Anderson Silva thinks Chael Sonnen owes his entire career to Royce Gracie

MMA fans throughout the world will continue to have mixed feelings about Anderson Silva and his mid-fight antics. All of you should stop pretending like he’s anything less than the most amazing striker that MMA has ever seen. He’s too advanced to block punches by keeping his hands raised. Instead, he mimics moves that Neo adapted to dodge bullets and pulls out miraculous submissions after getting dominated for four straight rounds by Republicans who are too raw for pink Polo shirts. Anderson has still never been beaten in the UFC, and with every passing title defense, his highlight reel keeps evolving into the something archeologists will find after the apocalypse and assume it was a Kung-Fu spinoff, filmed in Hollywood.

As Ando recovers from the hardest fight he’s ever had in the UFC courtesy of Chael Sonnen, here’s what he had to say about the outspoken challenger.

“Brazil has never disrespected anyone…all the Brazilian fighters are recognized world wide for their techniques, for our fantastic performances that we display outside and inside our country, I think we have a big history inside MMA. If Chael Sonnen is able to fight today in a promotion such as the UFC, simply put, he owes that to Brazil, and simply put, to a Brazilian that created the UFC. So unfortunately he made some misfortunate comments, he was submitted the way he was because of what he said about Rodrigo, and my personal opinion is this; he spent four rounds in the best position, the position that he said he was going to be in and in fact he was, and didn’t win the fight.

“So a rematch? There was going to be a rematch, but I don’t think he would be deserving of such thing. If he couldn’t win in four five minute rounds, would he win in a rematch? Maybe, maybe not, so anyhow, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt once again.”

Ando goes on to talk about how Chael’s less than pleasant banter about the Nogueira brothers were his real motivating factor to win the fight by submission. I guess it’s just another one of those ongoing inside jokes that the guys from Blackhouse talk about amongst themselves. None of us will ever know how Anderson really got out of that fifth round with his hands raised, but it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, it’s the reason why he’s still the greatest middleweight in MMA. [Source]

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