Anderson Silva says ‘there’s no place for Chael Sonnen in MMA’ in this Brazilian interview

There’s not a single thing in MMA more interesting and dramatic than what has transpired between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen over the past year. Seriously, you can’t name a single thing more intriguing even if you tried. When Chael Sonnen says he wants to ‘pat Anderson Silva’s wife on the ass and tell her to make him a steak,’ things undeniably reached that uncomfortable level that we all aspired for back in high school just before a fight broke however. However, in this scenario no fight has been announced. Sure Sonnen vs. Silva II could sell out the equivalent of an entire third-world country in terms of ticket sales, but in this recent Brazilian interview, Anderson doesn’t even believe there’s a place for Chael Sonnen in MMA. [Source]

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