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Anderson Silva says he’s open to a Conor McGregor fight if it’s at 180 lbs

Anderson Silva says he’s open to a Conor McGregor fight if it’s at 180 lbs

There is still hope for an Anderson Silva vs. Conor McGregor super-fight. We’re not sure we even want it but there’s a chance it could be happening anyway.

Here’s the thing though, Conor McGregor is crazy enough to do it. Sure, he weighed it at like 169 pounds for both his welterweight UFC fights but there’s something about Anderson Silva. The Spider is the White Whale of MMA.

If that makes any sense. Maybe it should be that Silva is MMA’s black and yellow mythical seas creature?

When you talk to pro fighters they often say their favorite fight is Spider Silva. The Brazilian’s aura, win streak and striking style is just something other top fighter gravitate towards. In a room full of famous fighters, grown men still geek out about The Spider.

Even in his advanced age, Silva is larger than life.

Silva hasn’t looked like himself for awhile now but maybe, just maybe the UFC goes full Pride/Rizin/KSW/Bellator/Strikeforce/Dream and makes a super-fight.

The UFC? Thinking outside the box?

Silva vs. McGregor in any year, in any lifetime would not just be thinking outside of the box but completely outside our current Universal timeline.

All this talk will likely come crashing down when Israel Adesanya steals Silva’s soul at UFC 234. Style Bender is probably going to make Silva look extremely old and make us feel bad about wanting super-fights.

It’s going to be 2019 and we’re still ready to give up the (black and yellow) ghost.

Check out the full Anderson Silva interview below.

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