Jose Aldo Puts Striking Clinic On Pedro Munhoz – UFC 265 Results (Highlights)

Aldo made it two wins in row in the bantamweight division following a unanimous decision victory over Munhoz in their ranked bantamweight encounter.

Jose Aldo

A bantamweight contest between Jose Aldo and Pedro Munhoz is taking place now (Saturday, August 7, 2021) at UFC 265.

Round 1

Some early leg kicks from Munhoz. Aldo gets out of the way of a spinning wheel kick. Munhoz lands some more leg kicks but Aldo checks one of them. Aldo is throwing but hasn’t exerted much energy. Aldo targets the body. He is now regularly checking Munhoz’s kicks. Aldo lands a big knee to Munhoz’s stomach. He follows it up with a body shot. They clinch for a moment before returning to striking. Munhoz throws plenty of kicks but they’re all blocked by Aldo. Aldo continues to aim for the body with his punches. Both fighters start to swing a lot more. Aldo rushes forward and lands a big upper cut. Munhoz backs Aldo up against the fence as the round ends.

Very hard to score but I think Aldo landed the better shots. 10-9.

Round 2

Munhoz is aggressive early on. Aldo finally lands a low kick. Munhoz returns and connects with a body shot. Aldo lands a nice body shot combination. Munhoz misses another spinning wheel kick. Aldo partially lands another knee to the belly. Munhoz feints and lands a nice right hand. Munhoz sees his head kick blocked. Aldo looks to establish a jab. Aldo connects with a leg kick. The action has slowed down a bit but Aldo goes for his body shot combination soon after. Munhoz continues to throw leg kicks but Aldo is more or less checking most of them. The round ends.

I give that to Aldo again. 20-18.

Round 3

Both fighters hug it out before theys tart the final round. They start to swing early. Aldo displays his hand speed with a nice combination. Aldo continues to jab Munhoz up. Munhoz misses with a flashy head kick. Aldo connects with a leg kick to which Munhoz responds with one of his own. Aldo lands the biggest shot of the fight with a right during a combination. Aldo connects with a leg kick but partially eats a right as he looks to get out of the way. Munhoz gets dropped with a leg kick. Munhoz misses with another spinning kick. Aldo lands a right and follows it up with a combo. He buckles Munhoz with a leg kick. Munhoz misses another spinning wheel kick. Munhoz gets lit up with a combo from Aldo. The fight ends and Aldo should win this.

Official result: Jose Aldo defeats Pedro Munhoz via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Check out the highlights below:

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