After a 29-year layoff, Jean-Claude Van Damme will fight once again and we have video of the face-off to prove it

Before your head, neck and ears simultaneously explode with the news that Jean-Claude Van Damme is scheduled to fight against Somluck Kamsing, the first Thai athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics, be sure to take note that Van Damme has a kickboxing record of 20-1 with all of those wins ending via knockout. Now this is probably the time when I should tell you that Jean-Claude Van Damme’s last professional bout was in 1982. As Renzo Gracie would say, Van Damme has been fighting longer than most of you…well you get the point.

Now Jean-Claude Van Damme has officially signed the paperwork to compete in a K-1 rules fight against Somluck Kamsing on April 2011 in Russia and we even have video of the face-off to prove it. In short, epic video is epic. Be sure to stick around for the explanation as to why Jean-Claude Van Damme decided to step in the ring again. Props to Cody T. for the find.

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