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Boy do I have a bucket of ulterior motives for the next group of Jehovah’s witnesses that knock on my door, insisting that I’m going to hell for watching too much ‘Darkwing Duck’ when I was in grade school. Apparently all Disney cartoons are a straight ticket to hell according to some. In that case, everyone who’s watched The Little Mermaid is going to sit shotgun with Hitler in the afterlife. I would say that’s pretty ‘buster’, but it’s my opinion that counts — it’s yours.

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Rampage Jackson winning a split decision over Lyoto Machida
Baller – 56.8% | Buster – 43.2%


Maiquel Falcao’s debut in the UFC against Gerald Harris
Baller – 54% | Buster – 46%


Strikeforce on the verge of their first heavyweight grand-prix
Baller – 88.2% | Buster 11.8%


Omigawa potentially leaving Dream and going to UFC
Baller – 87.6% | Buster – 12.4%


ZUFFA’s war against internet piracy
Baller 8.6% | Buster – 91.4%
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