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A new edition of ‘Baller or Buster’ is here

A new edition of ‘Baller or Buster’ is here

One of the many Saturdays in which there’s absolutely no Strikeforce on, so I suggest you spend your weekend going to your nearest Thai restaurant and getting very familiar with Pad See Ew. If it’s fresh, it will make you slap your familiar member directly in the face out of pure excitement. If eating at Thai restaurants isn’t in your itinerary for today, perhaps you should spend some time on our new ‘Baller or Buster’ polls, since it’s the only way to get authentic opinion from MMA fans. You voice your opinion on what’s ‘Baller’ or ‘Buster,’ and the world will eventually see it tabulated in a percentage form, math for the win.

Check the results of the previous edition of Baller or Buster and be sure to vote on the new Baller or Buster located on the side of every page on MiddleEasy.

Fighters competing in MMA and professional wrestling
Baller: 38.1%
Buster: 61.9%


The Ultimate Fighter show going to different countries
Baller: 92.0%
Buster: 8.0%


The growth of TRT use in the sport of MMA
Baller: 22.8%
Buster: 77.2%

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