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136 gnarly seconds with Kurt Osiander

136 gnarly seconds with Kurt Osiander

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Grappler, I don’t know you well enough to dub you uncool.  But, I know enough about Kurt Osiander to declare him 1000 times cooler than you.  It’s not just that the dude has been training BJJ for almost two decades (under Ralph Gracie) or that he has the most righteous hair in the grappling kingdom.  No.  The man is decidedly radical in all other ways.  He’s kind of like a Slayer song in human form.  On top of that, his insights on technique and BJJ strategy which we get to see in his “Move of the Week” via his YourTube channel are spot on. 

We like Kurt.  We say that a lot.  If the world of Double Dragon was real life (and we wish it was), he’d be a the perfect partner to walk alongside (while wearing matching sleeveless street attire) down gnarly city streets just beating the sh^t out of dozens of evil thugs.  Middle Easy’s Layzie the Savage caught up with Kurt this past weekend and we’re stoked to bring you the short but exclusive and very burly conversation.

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