Watch: How To Do A Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

How To Do A Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

The simple yet effective Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick. So how do you do a Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick?

They say it is all in the hips. Talking about Muay Thai kicks and nothing else here, of course. Turning your hips over his a huge factor in performing a roundhouse kick.

The key to using the full force of your body is in the hip. With the proper hip movement your roundhouse kick will land the most power possible. Rotating your hips during a kicking motion maximizes this idea.

When done right, the Muay Thai style of footwork can add a lot of power to your kicks. Getting your heel completely off the ground during a kick is important here.

Pivoting on your lead foot, turning your hips over, and turning your body is called stepping into your kick. Don’t half step it, plenty of pun intended. A good step forward with your lead leg will add even more momentum behind your roundhouse kick.

A solid Muay Thai technique will also test your quad muscles.

The great thing about a roundhouse kick is it’s versatility. Multiple targets are options if thrown correctly. Legs, inner and outer thighs, body, neck and head are all possibilities with a proper roundhouse.

Note on the video above: do not bend your leg that much when throwing a kick.

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