Your masochistic itch will be scratched in February with Bloodborne. Here’s the new trailer

I first began playing the Souls series with Dark Souls 1. I went into it blind, granted, I played the game maybe two years after it was released so I saw some of it but didn’t know much about the mechanics itself. What resulted was some of the most rewarding gameplay I’ve ever experienced. Learning enemy attack patterns and defeating them with the punishing yet, completely fair combat was such an euphoric a feeling.

What also resulted was me playing about 50 hours and then coming to the realization that my character build was awful. I swore I’d restart it with the knowledge I now had to have a good and practical build, but that hasn’t happened… Yet.

Bloodborne comes from the makers of the Souls series and is a PS4 exclusive. We received a release date of February 6th, 2015. Accompanied with a very Demon/Dark soulsish trailer.

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