You’ll Be Able to Play Xbox One Games While You Download Them

We’ve heard a lot of talk about features for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, with a lot of the features overlapping between the two. Of course, that is on purpose as neither one wants to let the other get an advantage or anything, right? Sony made a big splash at E3 when they announced how the PlayStation 4 would be different than the Xbox One, but since then, Microsoft has course corrected and made it so all of those different features will be available on the Xbox One as well.

Notably, today at least, is that the Xbox One will be able to play games as you download and install them. It’s a cool feature that will allow you to download the game in the background while you are able to boot it up and get going with it. Of course, you do need to download some of the game to allow for that, but it’s still a cool feature. It was originally announced for the PlayStation 4, but it looks like Microsoft will be using that feature on the Xbox One as well. If I were to guess, I’d say that it was planned all along and it just so happens that they didn’t announce it sooner.

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