You can preorder the Asus 4k PC monitor, but it’s running 3500 bucks

They say the bottlenecks in gaming in 2013 are found in the non solid state hard drives of yesteryear, and the monitors. Vsync, refresh rates, all of these issues are popping up now that our gaming hardware has far surpassed the canvas the artists are creating on, but naturally, that end of the technology spectrum is catching up with itself as 4k monitors and TVs are becoming available.

Enter Asus’s 31.5 inch 4k monitor, which is now available for preorder. It’s only going to run you $3500 bucks, but you’ll be at the gold standard of visual fidelity for years to come. You know you want one you early adopter, you.

The ironic thing is how games may not even support 4k-level visuals for a few years. We seem to be stuck in the 1080p world for the time being, but the future is now.

Let’s look at some specs:

It boasts a pixel display of 3840 x 2160, with 10-bit RGB support and a ridiculous viewing angle that is up to 176 degrees. That means it’s still pretty from the side. It uses Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide in the liquid crystal display, instead of silicon, which means less energy consumption. And the cherry on top: Asus says this one monitor has a resolution equal to “four full HD displays combined.”

I don’t even know what that means. It ships mid-July.


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