Yet another Wii-U controller is coming, but this one is actually worth it

Let’s go down the list here: the Wii-U tablet itself. Old-school remote, nunchuck, Wii-U “classic controller” and… I guess that’s it. Four ways to play the Wii-U (I guess 3.5) have turned into five. Just in time for Smash Bros, the Gamecube controller is coming back.

This information may mean nothing to some people, and the world to others. If you’re a longtime fan of the series, I know your heart just fluttered. I saw it happen. The Gamecube controller has been the preferred controller for Smash Bros across tournaments and console generations for years. If you owned SS: Brawl, and didn’t play with a Gamecube controller connected to your Wii with it’s short ass cable, you were shunned, and mocked. Possibly mocked then shunned depending on who you were dealing with.

So, knowing that the Wii-U has no ports for the Gamecube controller, players rightfully started to sweat. But that’s no longer an issue. It’s all OK, okay?

Nintendo is bringing out the Gamecube-style controller for the Wii-U and they will only cost $24.99. Not bad. This almost makes me want to buy that damn console.

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