WWE2K15 Promises Big Gameplay Changes in Making Of Video

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of WWE2K15 will be out in just a matter of a week now, but the Xbox One and PS4 version is a solid month away. Usually the WWE Games crew is pumping out videos, screenshots and a lot of other stuff in the leadup to a game being released, but this year has been a lot different. For some that is kind of scary, just like IGN’s month of “exclusive coverage” was a giant bust.

This has left a lot of fans a little bit uneasy about WWE2K15 because, well, why the hell aren’t they showing the game off more? IGN showed off a making of “part one” what felt like many moons ago, with there never being a part two. That has changed in the past few days with them releasing that part two and part two looks awesome. They give some insight into some of the gameplay tweaks that have happened and keep talking a lot about “next generation” stuff, which leads me to believe that this stuff might not happen on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Who knows, right?

Talking about match flow and how wrestlers all felt the same in the past is a huge, huge step in the right direction and admitting that these games have been kind of flawed in the past. I really hope that this game blows us all away. Let’s check out this video, then.

Oh yeah, they also released the first entrance video over the weekend as well. This one is for the Wyatts and outside of the crowd noise (?!) it is pretty fantastic.

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