With $200,000 at stake with just one kill, watch the intensity of this Halo 4 overtime match

People overlook that we were actually one of the first media outlets in the world to give a full Halo 4 comprehensive review before the game was even released — and this was prior to the site transitioning to what it is now. See guys, we’ve been covering video games before we even had a dedicated video game section so stop complaining, Mr.I’m-The-Same-Person-With-The-Same-IP-But-Different-Usernames.

If you’re reading this then take comfort in the fact that I can outscore and outgame you in Halo 4. I’ve had Dominion Mastery for months now and let’s face it, who the [expletive] has Dominion Mastery?! That’s like next-level hipster gaming right there. Although I’ve never played for a grand total of $200,000, if I did I would most likely be the guy winning in this video.

Check out this video between Ace vs. Pistola in the final match of the 2013 Halo 4 Global Championship Finals. This is an overtime match, so the first kill takes home the cash — and it’s pretty intense. Props to DENV3RtheDESTROY3R on the +100 news tip.

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