We bet you will fail miserably at this SNES boss deathblow quiz

Since we pretty much predicted your own failure at a test you never knew existed until today, I thought I would try my gaming knowledge at this new SNES boss battle quiz.

Essentially, Mike Matei compiled a montage of 50 of the greatest final boss battle deathblows from SNES games and it’s our job to name what game each one is from.

Let me crack the knuckles and give this a shot. Keep in mind, this is without looking at Wikipedia or any other reference. Purely off the of my head, folks.

1.) Castlevania, although I’m not sure which one.
2.) Looks like Strider or Rise of the North Fist, although I’m not sure if that came out for SNES.
3.) No idea, but it looks like the start of a really good hallucinogenic trip.
4.) Indiana Jones!
5.) One of the multiple Star Wars games that came out for SNES.
6.) ActRaiser! The most important game of SNES that no one even cared about.
7.) One of those Mickey games.
8.) Megaman X.
9.) No idea.
10.) The game that came pre-packaged with SNES, Super R Type I think it was called.
11.) Super Ghosts and Ghouls.
12.) Final Fight!
13.) Secret of Mana?
14.) No idea.
15.) Donkey Kong Country.
16.) ChronoTrigger.
17.) That Chester Cheetah game! Damn, 90s gaming was one giant advertisement for poor health.
18.) Wizard of Oz had a game? LOL wtf?!
19.) The Tick!
20.) Baby Mario? I think that’s what it was called.
21.) Looks like the Santa Monica blvd. in East Hollywood on a Saturday night.
22.) Cliffhanger! One of the most difficult games ever made.
23.) Ugh, they made a game based on the movie — something about baby sitters.
24.) Gradius? I think that’s how you spell it.
25.) Starfox is one of the most mindbending boss battles out there.
26.) Spiderman beating Thanos? LOL good luck with that.
27.) Woah, don’t know the game but it looks wild.
28.) Haha, what is this nonsense?
29.) That cratchet game, with the fox thing. Racket and Clatchet? Never played it.
30.) Spawn.
31.) Super Double Dragon.
32.) Looks like an SNES version of Devil May Cry.
33.) The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers!
34.) Battletoads vs. Double Dragon.
35.) Batman Returns. I actually owned this on Atari Lynx.
36.) Tiny Toon Adventures.
37.) Some DC Comic/Superman game, obviously.
38.) I rented this game from 2 Day Video in Sachse, TX. It’s called Caveman…something.
39.) Generic top-down shooter.
40.) Aladdin.
41.) Boink.
42.) Another one of those Star Wars games, pretty whack Deathstar explosion too.
43.) Road Runner had a game and that was the boss battle? My god these SNES games…
44.) The Adventures of Bartman.
45.) Bobby’s World, don’t cha know.
46.) Game looks oddly familiar but I can’t place it.
47.) I would never play this game, so no idea.
48.) Spiderman with X-Men characters on the sidelines? WTF kind of magic trickery is this?
49.) Don’t know, but I’m getting an emulator to play it. Looks amazing.
50.) One of those Final Fantasy games. Maybe 5?

Well that’s the best I can do, although I’m sure many of you can nail at least half of them. Props to Gin Rummy on the +100 find.

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