Watch this side-by-side comparison of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 graphics and you decide who’s the winner

I can’t go a day without cleverly dodging a debate between Xbox One and Playstation 4. Even on Twitter you maniacs have been sending me articles as to why the Playstation 4 is superior, or why the Xbox One is scheduled to outsell the PS4 upon launch. Occasionally I get messages telling me that you won’t have to decide on which console to scoop up on launch day because you’re getting both. Shut up, bragger. Your ability to get both consoles just illustrates your inability to be decisive.

Unfortunately I missed the boat on preorder my nex-gen console for a ‘Day One’ release. I’ve convinced myself that Grand Theft Auto 5 will take a healthy chunk of my life away, long enough to wait for the Xbox One (or PS4) to readily be available in stores.

Our bud at the UG @theCyrildotcom, sent us this handy video that depicts what hardware both consoles will be running and placed them in a side-by-side benchmark test. Now consider this video as your manifesto to wave around your friends in order to convince them which console is the best. According to Playstation, they’re touting a 50% increase in raw computing power as compared to the Xbox One — however in this video I just can’t see it. Maybe you can, however. Have a look.

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