Watch Phil Davis and Brandon Vera geek out over Project Spark on Xbox ONE at Comic Con

Knowing that Brandon Vera also believes in the threat posed by the rise of the machines is somehow comforting. Considering the guy put up a pretty decent fight against Jon Jones, who is essentially a living cheat code for the sport of MMA, Vera seems like a good guy to have on your side if the S hit the F and the 3D printing of liquid metals leads where I think it will (read: Terminator T-1000).

I’d quite happily share a beer and a post-apocalyptic chat with Brandon Vera, I’d even play some video games with him, if he wanted. But I wouldn’t want to play video games with Phil Davis because he’s a total controller hog. At least that’s what it looks like in this video, where Tracy Lee tries to interview a clearly engrossed “Mr. Wonderful” while he plays Project Spark on Xbox ONE at Comic Con.

In a game where you can make almost anything you want and share your own game with the world, Phil Davis wants to create a Lyoto Machida that can’t run away. The dude’s so into the game that he can’t even remember which UFC event he’s fighting on. Hopefully he doesn’t go the way of Jason, who got so into Civilization 5 he completely neglected his corporeal existence for two days and only snapped back into our world when he celebrated his first diplomatic victory.

Only kidding, Jason’s never had a diplomatic victory.

Check out the video from Combat Lifestyle below.

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