This is the funniest The Last of Us video you’ll see all day

After completing The Last Of Us two weeks ago, my life is forever changed. Everything I used to enjoy, I now enjoy it much less. Food tastes different. I used to love baconators, now I merely like them. All of this is due to The Last Of Us. The game is so good it will weaken your love for things that you had unconditional love for. You will love your significant other less because the fact of the matter is, they can’t please you the way The Last Of Us pleased you. If I could roam around in a world filled with clickers with a 14 year old girl killing everything that stepped in my way, I would. (Editor’s Note: This sounds worse than it should).

It seems as though the guys over at Mega 64 have felt the same way, documenting what would seem to be my near future.

If you aren’t aware what/who Mega 64 is. They are a comedy group from San Diego. They create sketch comedy with video game tie ins. If you aren’t familiar with them, watch their entire catalog of videos because you have wasted your life up to this point. But do that only after you watch one of the greatest Last of Us videos ever made.

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