This Fallout Fan Film is Incredible. Seriously Incredible.

Fan made films based upon games or game universes can be, well, kind of lacking when it comes to the polish and production values aspect. That is fine, because we don’t have super high expectations since YouTube became such a staple in our everyday lives. We have come to expect stuff that is kind of ugly, kind of cheap looking and to just enjoy it for what it is. The Fallout: Nuka Break fan films have been pretty great, to say the least. If you are hardcore into the Fallout universe, then you probably already know about these and consider them pretty cool.

If not, I urge you to check them out, as they don’t take that long to get through and are fun. While they might not have the best production values or look all-that polished, they are still fun to watch and help extend the Fallout world. That has changed with their latest release, though.

Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star is just a step ahead of the rest, looking a lot more professional and actually feels cinematic in nature. It’s a pretty big step for fan films on YouTube. If you are trying to get the whole story, Red Star comes in between the original fan film and the first season of the series. So go ahead and marvel at what Fallout looks like in live action.

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