This elite level Killer Instinct play will have you jonesin’ for EVO 2014

There’s something fascinating about someone being one of the best in the world at something. No matter what it is, your eyes will be glued to that one person. I can’t help but watch someone who’s considered the best at something. I find myself watching golf because of Tiger Woods, watching Takeru Kobayashi eat, even watching Daigo play Street Fighter. I’ll watch Messi play soccer — and yes, I’ll watch Jimmie Johnson race a car. Now some of these sports or activities I’m a fan of, some of them I’m not, but if one of these peoples are at the top of their game, there is not a chance in the world I’m missing it.

With the release of the Xbox One only a few days behind us, it has launched with some pretty killer games. One of them being Killer Instinct, a game that’s been in the making for 17 years, except KI2 doesn’t really count because that game didn’t exactly have the best roster and the entire female cast had a super weird Janet Jackson look. So Killer Instinct had a lot of hype surrounding it and it appears to have delivered, after watching a good deal of high level play, I can say without a doubt, EVO 2014 can’t come here soon enough. In the mean time, check out Maximilian playing FilthieRich one of the Double Helix developers.

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