This confirms what we already know; more people play online on Xbox 360 than PlayStation 3

If you were to tell me that more people played games online on Xbox 360 than on PlayStation 3 you probably wouldn’t get much of a reaction, as it is very logical. As someone who owns both consoles and tried to make “the switch” from Xbox 360 to PlayStation 3 a few years ago, it was just an awful chore and playing games online on PS3 just felt like a barren wasteland compared to Xbox 360. Just a complete lack of players and never mind the lack of party system. I mean, ultimately if you are into playing games online with friends, you are gonna go with whatever your friends have, as it just makes more sense. So no, I’m not gonna tell you that one is better than the other, okay?

So a groundbreaking study was done by NPD and the numbers that they’ve come up with are just staggering; over 50% more players are on Xbox Live than PlayStation Network. That is insanity, as we’ve all known that Xbox 360 has a lot of people playing online, but when you hear some actual numbers, well, it might be a bit staggering.

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