The trailer for the new Bioshock DLC has been released, and it’s a definite throwback

The day that many have been waiting for is finally here – the first round of Bioshock Infinite DLC! The Season Pass was available as soon as the game launched, and if you bought it then you may have been wondering when exactly that you are going to get a return on that investment. It seems like Bioshock Infinite has taken longer than any other game in recent memory to put out its first piece of DLC. So maybe you shelved it, maybe you went back and played the first Bioshock and realized that it’s still the best in the series, or maybe you foolishly traded it in. Then again, maybe you’ve been driven to previously unfathomed levels of madness by trying to vanquish the game’s “1999 Mode.” Whatever the case, you may now rest easy because there’s finally some new Bioshock Infinite additional content to get you all hot and bothered.

The “Clash in the Clouds” DLC was released today on Playstation, Steam and XBox, and is available for $5 if you don’t already own the Season Pass. I mean, there’s a strong chance that you actually do indeed own the Season Pass and just forgot about it. The add-on consists of four new challenge maps (The Ops Zeal, Duke & Dimwit Theater, Raven’s Dome and Emporia Arcade), which are essentially your basic horde mode, and the Columbia Archaelogical Society – a sort of in game collection of various auxiliary content (concept art, character models, etc.)

Now if “Clash in the Clouds” doesn’t get you excited (Jonesy personally could take it or leave it) then there’s a light at the end of this downloadable tunnel, and that is the next DLC – “Burial at Sea.” That title is enough to make the ears of Bioshock fans perk up, and yes it means exactly what you think it means – Rapture. “Burial at Sea” will be two episodic add-ons (think Half-Life) taking place on December 31, 1958 – shortly before the fall of Rapture when all Hell breaks loose and Andrew Ryan…well you know. You will still be controlling Booker DeWitt and teaming up with Elizabeth. The second episode will have players taken control of Elizabeth in what will feel more like a survival horror experience according to the game’s creator, Ken Levine.

“Burial at Sea” will be available for $14.99 per episode. If you buy all three pieces of DLC then you’re looking at a grand total $35, so yeah, just buy the Season Pass.

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