The lead programmer of Quake and Doom is now a part of the Oculus Rift team

Virtual reality is something that has never truly interested me; it’s always been something that sounds a lot better on paper than when it’s actually executed. Much like 3D in movies/tv, it sounds like an excellent idea but when the finished product comes out, it doesn’t add much more than a few cool looking moments. I just believe there’s too much precision needed in gaming to have any room for virtual reality. I think it could work in more ambient games such as Flower, where there is no direct objective that needs to be completed, but in a game such as Team Fortress 2, I can’t envision it working out that well.

With all that in mind, there are a lot of people that are a lot smarter than me who are extremely excited for the Oculus Rift. Which does give me hope for it as a platform that can not only live, but thrive in today’s video game market. One of those people is the creator of Doom and all around technical wizard, John Carmack. He’s taking the position of Chief Technology Office, he will also still work with id software in some capacity.

Most of you are familiar with John Carmack’s work, basically creating the first-person shooter genre. Most of you might not be familiar with John Carmack the computer genius, which he again displayed at Quakecon this year at his keynote address which spanned nearly three hours. Watch this and get to known the man that is John Carmack, even if you won’t understand some of the more advanced stuff he says, that just means he’s smarter than you and probably better than you as well.

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