The Grey Playstation 4 is selling on Ebay for over 15 grand

Last week, I mentioned that Sony are releasing a Grey Playstation 4 to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Playstation as a brand.  So with Sony only making 12,300 of these limited edition consoles, it was pretty obvious we were going to see them on eBay going for stupid inflated prices. Well that happened a bit sooner than expected.

I like many others watched Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this year when it kicked the d**k off of the box office. What a film. If you’ve seen it or read any of the comics, you’ll know there’s a character called The Collector. He collects EVERYTHING – that’s his shtick, but I don’t even think he would pay $15,100 for a bloody PS4, whether it was grey, pink, blue, leopard print or ACTUAL gold.

The Collector isn’t so far removed from real people. There’s this distinct sub-set of geeks that seem to think it’s cool to collect shit. I just don’t get it, but hey whatever floats your boat. If you want to collect toys or comics or any of that shit, go ahead but try and be sensible about it. Don’t re-mortgage your house, so you can buy a bloody console. What the hell is wrong with you?

I would really like one of these consoles, but I wouldn’t be keeping it in a box in the hope that the value surges. I’d stick it under my TV, and use it for what it was intended, watching Netflix.

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